Why Support Refocus TOGETHER?

We are a nonprofit organization centered around empowering WOMEN! Life can be an adventure filled with many ups and down. You don’t have to ride alone. We have “Her Story” videos that allow women to tell their personal stories which often helps others going through similar things feel a sense of hope. Your voice matters and your story will help others, but YOU must tell it. 

If you ask what matters to me, my answer is, without hesitation, making Jesus proud, loving my family and friends and helping others. I also love to eat, shop, and a fierce pair of heels. LOL! 

Anyway, I’m convinced that at some point we have all felt  stuck, unsure, insecure, frustrated, needed direction, alone; the list goes on and on. If you haven’t felt any of those things, just keep living.

As a licensed therapist, I‘ve noticed that so many people get lost in the ”how”. How do you make it work? How do you heal from the pain? How do you restart?  How do you move beyond the hard spots in life? The answer is different for everyone. Sometimes, we find ourselves growing in age but stuck in our minds due to a certain moment or event in our lives. 

Technology makes it so easy to paint a picture of how you want others to see you, when in actuality, you’re barely hanging on. 

No one can write your story better than you, so take back your pen.

We will offer workshops to help women who would like to grow personally and professionally while enhancing in various areas of life as well as looking for networking opportunities.  We try our best to support women owned businesses, organizations, endeavors. Life has a way of trying to isolate us with our problems but honestly, WE ARE MOST ALIKE THAN WE ARE 

Thank you for your support and carrying this message!